Basic Life Support (BLS) is the emergency care given to sustain the life of a person till the time more detailed care is given. Medical emergency such as choking, near drowning, cardiac arrest etc is few instances where Basic Life Support (BLS) process is carried out. It is done by those have adequate knowledge about it including paramedics, nurses, EMTs and those who have received training in Basic Life Support Training. Infinity Care extends excellent BLS and ACLS training in Abu Dhabi.

Three things which have to be checked by a person who is performing BLS include:

  • Airway – To ensure that the patient can breathe and is not blocked by foreign objects, vomit or sputum.
  • Circulation – To know that heart rate is normal and blood is being pumped to the organs. Sometimes chest compression is done to make sure that the blood is pumped properly in the body.
  • Breathing – To check that the patient is getting oxygen to the lungs and the body.

Assessment is necessary and important during any medical emergency. It will determine whether BLS needs to be done or not. If you see anyone in an emergency situation and do not know BLS then immediately call for assistance. If you have completed training then after assessment carries out the procedure appropriately. CPR or the Heimlich maneuver has to be conducted or a defibrillator has to be used. All those who have done BLS training will be able to do the procedure properly without any help. A quick inspection of the area should be done to make sure that the place is free of any danger. Professional help should also be called for to ensure that the appropriate medical care is administered.

Once you confirm that a person requires a medical emergency then you have to act immediately. You should also understand that each situation will not be similar and will be different. When someone does not speak or is showing the signs of trouble in breathing then the person can be in a dangerous situation. Infinity Care, Basic Life Support Training Abu Dhabi courses will help you to get prepared and act accordingly in any emergency situation.

We offer basic life support training Abu Dhabi for all those who are interested. We offer the course at the most cost effective option. Taking a BLS certified course will benefit any person. You can be of help to anyone and everyone. We have qualified and professional instructors who will explain everything from basics to advanced level. BLS certified courses are short. Our course is designed in a structured process and we make sure that each trainee understands everything related to BLS.

The basic steps involved in Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Assessing the situation.
  • Ensuring that the patient and everyone around is safe and is in a safe place.
  • Look for any response from the patient.
  • Checking the airway, breathing and circulation.
  • Contact the emergency medical services.
  • Administering the right action for BLS.