physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy is a healthcare treatment which is related to human function and movement. Dysfunction and pain occur in the bodily movements due to various reasons like musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory and chronic disability and disorder. The aim of physiotherapy is to correct the movements and the functions of the body. Physiotherapy reduces the pain in the various parts of the body. The treatment can be used to treat specific injury as well as for the overall well-being of the person. Physiotherapy exercises will improve the quality of life. We have the best physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. We aim at improving the mobility and to bring more strength to the body and muscles. Our physiotherapist will give proper guidance on lifestyle habits like posture correction and eating habits too, to improve the quality of life. Patients are also properly educated about the conditions and they are given knowledge about how to manage it and overcome it effectively. Our physiotherapist will examine you and will find the source of your condition. The treatment will involve therapy done through exercises and guidance on managing the condition. The therapy will also cover the precautions to be taken in order to prevent the injury from happening again. Our session also focuses on strength training and we also use heat packs and electrical stimulations.

We offer the best physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi and excellent physiotherapy treatment/therapy for different conditions like –

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  •  Lower Back and Neck Pain Therapy
  •  Hip and Joint Replacements
  •  Parkinson’s Disease
  •  Movement Therapy
  •  Stroke and Cerebral Palsy
  •  Paralysis
  •  Issues with Balance
  •  Post-Surgery and Trauma Therapy
  •  Muscle Pain and Difficulty with Mobility
  •  Sports Injury
  •  Pain Therapy
  •  Post Stroke Therapy etc



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