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Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training courses are offered by Infinity Medical Services (IMS), one of the best AHA training centers in UAE.  Medical Students Nursing and Allied Health Care Students, Health Care Professionals can take up these Continuing Medical Education or CME courses in Abu Dhabi. Emergency responders such as people in critical care units like paramedics, physicians, nurses and anyone who wants to be prepared in a heartsaver first aid cpr AED course can also enrol for these courses. We provide authentic and valid certification for the course. Training on basic airway management, rescue breathing, chest compressions, first aid, CPR, management of respiratory arrest and so on is covered in these courses. The course will mould the participants to respond to sudden emergencies and injuries.

The heartsaver first aid cpr AED course format is structured to include students in simulated learning and clinical scenarios. Participants are taught by qualified instructors. Students are imparted skills and knowledge to respond to any critical situations. Testing through written exams and practical exams are also conducted. The students have to score a minimum percentage of marks to complete the course successfully. All the materials for the course will be given by us. The instructors will demonstrate each session thoroughly. Since we are one of the best AHA training centers in UAE, students are exposed to Broad knowledge about the subject, and the instructors will also make you mentally fit to face any situation.

We started the CME courses in Abu Dhabi to meet the requirements of medical and non-medical staff working in various healthcare organizations. We strive to make each participant of our training course to use the learned skills by utilizing the highest standards methods to ensure the well being of people around us. Our modules are designed after careful planning according to the norms of the BLS and ACLS training in Abu Dhabi. Students will work in team as well as individually. They will be taught to handle victims of all age groups.

Hands-on training and discussions will impart confidence and appropriate comprehension of basic and advanced BLS and ACLS training in Abu Dhabi. Infinity Medical Services (IMS) is an authorized training centre. Infinity Medical Services is a leading facility accredited internationally by AHA and it is a registered center in DOH to provide BLS/ACLS trainings and conduct CME/CPD courses.

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First Aid, Basic Life Support Training

First Aid and Basic life support training for family members, nannies, household help, family members…

AHA life supporting courses and CMES

  • Life supporting training (BLS): classroom and online courses
  • Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED
  • Continuous Medical Education


The AHA does not specify a minimum age limit for CPR instruction. Age is less of a factor in CPR performance than body strength. Children as young as nine years old can learn and maintain CPR skills, according to studies.

Participants in the Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED course learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) safely, quickly, and effectively. While CPR is a type of first aid, it is only used for specific ailments.
Students must successfully complete a hands-on skills session in order to get an AHA course completion card for courses offered by the American Heart Association that incorporate psychomotor abilities, such as CPR. In the hands-on skills session, students will practise and test their skills using AHA integrated learning to achieve proficiency. The AHA provides a selection of online and blended learning courses.
For blended learning courses, a student first completes some of the coursework alone online before attending a hands-on skills session with an AHA Instructor or, in certain cases, using a Voice Assisted Manikin (VAM). A separate hands-on skills session is not necessary for AHA eLearning courses because they are entirely self-directed. To satisfy the needs of the medical and non-medical professionals working in various healthcare institutions, we began the CME courses in Abu Dhabi.
Students who successfully complete the course are given a 2-year-valid Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED course certification card. An emergency treatment called cardiopulmonary resuscitation is used to try to revive someone who has gone into cardiac arrest.

BLS focuses on team-based resuscitation and two-rescuer settings. HeartSaver, however, focuses on community resuscitation with a single rescuer. BLS will go over topics not covered in HeartSaver, such as rescue breathing, using advanced airways, and using a bag mask device, in addition to the fundamentals.