Babysitting Services in Abu Dhabi

Our Babysitters are well qualified and trained. We offer the best babysitting services in Abu Dhabi as and when required. Parents and guardians can hire our babysitters with complete confidence. Our personnel are well trained with adequate experience in taking care of the child. We follow a schedule and the babysitter will take into account all the instructions provided by you and will work accordingly. The daily schedule of your child can be altered as per your preference. All the needs of the infants including feeding, diapering, and dressing will be done efficiently by our babysitting services in Abu Dhabi. The babysitter will also keep the children’s living and play areas neat and tidy. Physical, social, and emotional needs of children will also be looked into. Proper toilet training and healthy habit and hygiene will also be imparted to the kids. If need be light meals for children will also be prepared. Regular activities will also be carried out and kids will be kept busy and happy.

Why choose our babysitting services in Abu Dhabi?

  • Our babysitters are excellent listeners
  • They are experienced and trained in handling kids
  • They are patient, compassionate, caring, thoughtful and attentive
  • They are skilled and focus on the development of kids
  • Will take of all the requirements of the infants
  • They have proper education and certificates

The Ultimate New Born Baby Care Service in Abu Dhabi

The infant’s general development as he or she grows into a healthy, content child will be impacted by proper new born care. Throughout this stage, the infant must be nursed and well-cared-for, which is especially difficult because babies typically are unable to communicate their needs and wishes. The new born is more susceptible to illness since their bodies are still growing and adjusting to their new surroundings.

If you have a skilled and seasoned carer for your child, you can focus on their character development and provide them with a happy infancy. For all parents who are concerned about the wellbeing of their child, Infinity Care supports in giving exceptional and dependable new born baby care service in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of Choosing Our New Born Baby Care Service in Abu Dhabi:

Our newborn care services guarantee that moms and their infants receive the best care possible.

  • A clear understanding and identification of the needs of newborn babies.
  • Gaining knowledge about postnatal care.
  • Facility of vaccination and fulfilling other medical requirements of the child.
  • Assistance with creation of a bond between mother and child.
  • Personalised and affordable baby care services.

Why Choose Us?

Leading in-home healthcare and baby care services in Abu Dhabi are offered by Infinity Care. These services range widely and include home nursing, physiotherapy, assistance for those with special needs, care for the elderly, care following surgery, care for pregnant women and babies, and much more.

For top-notch baby care services at your door, our team includes nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, caretakers, professional nurses, nutritionists, doctors, and medical directors.

Each of our healthcare specialists follows the medical recommendations. You may discover the least stressful new born baby care service in Abu Dhabi at Infinity Care. We have solutions whether you require newborn care or toddler care services for a set or flexible time period.


Are you busy with your work schedules or have got a sudden emergency to go someplace? Not to worry as our babysitting services in Abu Dhabi are the best for you and your child. Your child will gain from hiring a babysitter in a number of different ways. Your youngster can practise making connections with strangers and developing social skills by spending time with a babysitter. It gives kids the chance to grow and lessens their reliance on their parents.
A creative babysitter who can come up with games, activities, and crafts is what parents are looking for. They don’t want nannies to put their kids in front of the television. Parents can tell that you actually care about creating a pleasant, active atmosphere for their children if you have a playful disposition. This is exactly what you can expect from our babysitting services in Abu Dhabi.
Our babysitters are experienced and highly trained. Our babysitting services in Abu Dhabi will effectively take care of all the infants’ needs, including feeding, diapering, and clothing. Additionally, the nanny will keep the kids’ living and play rooms tidy. Children’s emotional, social, and physical needs will all be taken into consideration. The kids will also receive proper toilet training, as well as lessons in hygiene and healthy habits. If necessary, children’s light meals will also be made. Children will be kept occupied and content by ongoing activities.

Cares for children both within and outside of the house. Creates wholesome meals. And keeps a daily schedule.

The highest industry standards are upheld by Infinity Care. Each sitter has gone through our in-depth training process, which includes a personal interview, supervised training, a personality test, CPR certification, and background checks and drug testing. For the greatest possible match, please be as specific as you can in your request.

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