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Home Care Service in Abu Dhabi
Home Care Service in Abu Dhabi

Rich History of Serving Top Organizations

A Long-serving Homecare Provider

Bringing Healthcare to Your Home

Serving since 2010, Infinity Care is one of the top home care service providers in Abu Dhabi rendering ‘Infinite’ care. With the experience of caring for 50k+ patients and a team of 200+ staff, Infinity Care is where you can avail convenient and quality healthcare service. It’s like having a helpful family member who makes life easier.

We have seen the power of one group, and with a culture of positive leadership and working together, we sure can accomplish our highest objective. All of us at Infinity Holding Group of Companies are committed to delivering even more and walking the extra mile for the best possible innovation. These pillars and characters will take us further and fine-tune our company moving forward.

We pride ourselves on having top-notch accreditations for meeting industry standards. 

Our Services

Services We Provide


Feeding, changing dress, diapering and whatnot. Our background-verified babysitters do it all!


We provide physiotherapy for everything such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Muscle injuries and more.


Our compassionate nurses take care of medications, treatments, and even daily needs.

IV Therapy

Nutrients and hydration delivered directly to your veins in the comfort of your home.

Lab Tests at Home

We collect your sample right at your doorstep, offering fast and accurate results with minimal disruption.

AHA Training

Life-saving CPR and first aid courses for medical aspirants and professionals.

Geriatric Care

Providing seniors with skilled assistance with daily living activities, medication management, and more.

Why Choose Us

Beyond Just Care

Client Support System

We offer excellent healthcare support services and maintain a better relationship with clients.

Experienced and Committed Team

A qualified and compassionate healthcare team that prioritizes patient safety and comfort.

Patient-Focused Approach

We focus on maintaining constant contact and routine follow-up

Advanced Technology & Infrastructure

We have put in place cutting-edge technology to ensure patients get the best service.

Customized Treatment Plans

We tailor treatment plans according to your recovery needs.

Transparent Communication

Nothing goes hidden here as we openly communicate with you regarding everything.
Based on 270 reviews
Sarin Papken Tcholakian
Sarin Papken Tcholakian
The information on BLS Course was helpful and useful, and Dr. Saed was truly passionate, very grateful to have this session with him
amr saif
amr saif
Good instructor Good center
Aya Hajjar
Aya Hajjar
It was a very informative training course given by Dr Saed Al-Nobani. I grasped life long techniques that I’ll never forget. Highly recommend.
sura hassan
sura hassan
Nice experience with Dr Saed Al Nubani where i got to learn about basic life support
Mohammed Shiras Basheer
Mohammed Shiras Basheer
I attended the BLS training from this facility and the instructor Dr Saed was very professional, polite and friendly and the classes were excellent
Excellent experience and Dr Sed was the best to teach and help us in mastering the skills of BLS
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Delivering Professional Home Care Services in Abu Dhabi

Infinity Care is one of the premier home care service providers in Abu Dhabi, providing reliable and efficient home care services.

Our highly experienced and compassionate medical healthcare team is a valuable asset for providing effective service.

Home care services are available for everyone, whether for your child, a recovering spouse, or elderly parents. The goal is to establish an environment of safety, comfort, and convenience, promoting a fast recovery.

Benefits of Home Care Services in Abu Dhabi

  • Independence of Being Home

Receiving care at home can assist individuals in finding joy in the comfort of their familiar environment, as the home is a space where they can truly flourish.

With home care services in Abu Dhabi conveniently delivered to their doorsteps, individuals will experience faster recovery during times of illness.

  • Family-centered Care

Home care services in Abu Dhabi serve to strengthen and complement the support provided by the client’s family and friends

  • Faster Recovery 

Research indicates that patients experience faster recovery in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Based on the nature of their injury, illness, or disease, individuals can regain independence and achieve a faster recovery compared to being in a care facility

  • Companionship

Through home care, clients and their loved ones can experience companionship, which reduces stress and promotes a supportive environment.

Home Health care in Abu Dhabi contributes to the emotional and social well-being of clients and can improve a sense of connection that is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life.

Our Services

As a leading home health care in Abu Dhabi, we provide various services.

  • Babysitting

Our babysitting staff is qualified and equipped with a medical background. ensuring the provision of effective care and protection for your babies. 

At Infinity Home Care, our team goes beyond traditional babysitting services, bringing a level of expertise that includes knowledge of essential medical considerations.

  • Physiotherapy

Sometimes dysfunction and pain occur in bodily movements for various reasons. At Infinity Home Care, we believe in the transformative power of physiotherapy to improve the quality of life for our clients.

  • Nursing

At Infinity, our nursing team specializes in offering effective home care services for individuals diagnosed with complex illnesses. 

We understand the unique challenges that come with such health conditions, and our commitment is to provide continuous monitoring and assistance to support their daily needs

  • IV Therapy

Experience the convenience and personalized care of our IV therapy services, brought directly to your doorstep by our team of dedicated medical professionals. 

Our approach to IV therapy is centred on customizing treatments to meet your specific needs, like conducting a thorough assessment and considering your health background and current medical conditions.

  • Geriatric Care

At Infinity Homecare Service, Geriatric care is designed to provide proper attention to senior citizens and understand their unique needs.

Our team is dedicated in Geriatric care, recognizing the diverse health challenges that can accompany the ageing process. 

We prioritize a holistic approach, addressing medical needs and considering the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our elderly patients.

  • AHA Training

Our AHA training service promotes health and safety, focused on the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA). It includes life support and CPR, training individuals with the knowledge and expertise to respond effectively in emergencies.

  • Lab Test at Home

Experience the convenience of having lab tests conducted and receiving results without leaving the comfort of your home, all facilitated by our team of expert medical practitioners.

  • Medical Services

Infinity Medical Services offers a range of convenient options to meet your medical needs. GP Doctor home consultation, Follow-up Tele-consultation, remote patient monitoring by GP Doctor, IV therapy management, and laboratory testing. these are the highlighted medical services we provide.