Rapid test is indeed a great weapon in the war against covid and its new variants, but the outbreak of omicron made us more concerned about our own health According to health experts, rapid tests are an emergency tool for the betterment of all the citizens. Though getting speedy results, the tests lack some accuracy but will be enable us to know if further treatment is required or not. The truest tests for covid is indeed the polymerase chain reaction tests, or PCR tests, which can detect covid accurately. Because, this test has a specialized lab equipment, where people wait for many days to get their results. But in the case of rapid tests, they detect molecules that are present on the virus’s surface, called antigens. They won’t be accurate, but faster test results can be obtained as compared to pcr. We, Infinity Care is the best homecare in Abudhabi and is ready to conduct pcr test at home abudhabi, since our main aim is the health of our citizens. Rather than conducting antigen tests, we will be doing pcr tests since pcris the accurate one. Afterwards, the result will be declared to the patients as soon as we get it. In case of some homecare services, they lack enthusiasm after doing the pcr test, thus the result declaration process can delay and this will surely affect those people waiting for results. But in our case, such a situation will never occur and has never occured in the past too.. We perform by understanding the situation of our clients, we know their emergency, they might not have been able to get out of their residence because of this situation, the test result is necessary for them to know whether to stay back or to get out and enjoy the freedom. Some of them might be planning to have a flight journey, for them test result is an immediate necessary. So, knowing the result as soon as possible is an urgent necessary, we perform by understanding this situation. Our service is a boon for old people. They might not have the energy to step out, reach hospital and do the test. In that case contact us, we do the best homecare in abudhabi. Not only old people, sometimes even youngsters might face trouble in getting out and doing the test. Again, think of infinity care and our services, call us without wasting a minute and get the accurate pcr test at home abudhbai.

Pcr tests are usually done by two methods, blood test and nasal swab. Blood test as we all know is collected directly from the veins . But the method usually done is nasal swab. A nasal swab can be taken from either the front part or the back part of nostrils. During the anterior (back part) nasal swab test, a swab is gently inserted into the nose, rotated for atleast 10 seconds, removed and inserted in the next nostril with the same process continuing and atlast, the swab is taken back. Here, some people might get alarmed upon knowing this process. It is not painful, we will not make it painful. Our clients would never feel any sort of discomfort, it is just a matter of seconds. Most of the people, especially the old ones are reluctant to go through this process upon anxiety and trust issues. They are confused about the reliability of the result and they are anxious about the pain they need to endure. No need to worry, we the best home care in abudhabi, infinity care is concerned about the client’s wellness, safety and comfort. Do contact us and do the pcr test at home abudhabi in affordable rates.