PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction is used to find the presence of virus in the body. With the outbreak of Covid-19 it is widely used for finding whether the person has the Covid-19 or not. It is a reliable test and is also accurate in its results.

When to get a PCR test at home?

There are various symptoms and signs which shows the probability that the person is mostly likely to be affected with the COVID-19 virus. You should also not get to the conclusion that you have COVID-19 if you display certain symptoms. It can be due to other reasons as well. But it is always recommended to be sure and hence get yourself tested at home if you have:

  • Cold and cough
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea or stomach issue
  • Body pain and fatigue
  • Difficulty to breath
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of taste
  • Fever
  • Throat pain

Perform a PCR at home with all the necessary equipment by booking for PCR test at home

Find a good centre

It is important to find a reliable centre which takes all necessary precautions and proper procedures for carrying out the PCR test. You should book a service which would do the procedure in a hygienic manner. Infinity Care extends the best home health care services Abu Dhabi. You can contact us for getting a PCR test at home Abu Dhabi and our team will reach your place promptly with all the necessary equipments for carrying out the test efficiently.

Sample collection

Once healthcare professional reach your place they collect the sample for the PCR test at home Abu Dhabi. Swab is taken from nose and throat using a long flexible stick with soft tips. After the required swabs are collected using the correct procedure the sample is placed inside a tube and sealed securely. Healthcare personnel from Infinity Care, home health care services Abu Dhabi have adequate knowledge about the sample collection. They will use the appropriate equipments to collect the sample. The person from whom the sample is collected is made comfortable and the procedure is then carried out with utmost care. The necessary Personal Protective Equipments such as gloves, kits will be worn by our personnel for the PCR test at home Abu Dhabi to ensure safety and hygiene.

Other procedures

Once the sample is collected, the healthcare workers will leave your place. Next the sample is sent to the laboratory for testing. In the lab scientists extract the genetic material from the sample collected. Then chemicals, enzymes and machines are used to conducting the test. The PCR machine used is known as thermal cycler. After a series of tests, the results will come out as positive or negative. A positive result means there is presence of virus in your body and you are infected with Covid-19 and the negative result shows the opposite. The test may also show negative if you have been recently infected or had been infected for more than a week. The test results can be obtained within 24 hours but if sample reaches the lab late or if test is delayed it will take time. Being the finest home health care services Abu Dhabi, Infinity Care will conduct the test quickly and sent the results to you in the shortest possible time.

Get in touch with Infinity Care, home health care services Abu Dhabi, for reliable PCR test at home Abu Dhabi.