Patient’s Rights

Patients have the right to:

  • Be fully informed of all his/her applicable rights and scope of services in writing and in an understandable language before the initiation of services and on an ongoing basis as necessary.
  • Refuse or accept services and/or participation in clinical research or trial within the confines of the law after being fully informed of the consequences of the decision. The Legal guardian or appropriate family member, as allowed by law, has the right to decide on behalf of the patient if for any reason the patient cannot decide for himself/herself. Informed consent is secured all the time before the start of the services or research and updated as necessary.
  • Seek a second opinion if he/she chooses.
  • Be involved in his/her treatment and care plan together with his/her family. Appropriate family member or legal guardian, as allowed by UAE Law, decides for patient’s care and/or services if the patient is a minor or unable to decide for himself/herself due to any reason.
  • Receive information on admission regarding the health care facility’s regulations, access to other services and relevant policies in a manner that the patient can understand. Patient and/or family members have the right to be informed of the medical condition and outcomes of care and/or services.
  • Be treated to the highest professional and ethical standards by appropriate licensed, qualified and experienced personnel. Patient and/or family will be informed of the name and brief professional background of the staff who will provide the services.
  • Be treated with utmost respect and full recognition of his/her dignity, cultural, psychosocial and spiritual needs. The patient has the right to be free from any kind of abuse, exploitation, humiliation, retaliation and neglect.
  • Have communications in a manner that the patient can understand or through the services of an interpreter as needed.
  • Have access to personal health information and expect those records to be up-to-date and accurate.
  • Reasonable safety in relation to the staff practices and provision of services.
  • Privacy, both of persons and health information, and confidentiality of all related record to patient’s care.
  • Be informed regarding any uncovered costs and expenses prior making decision. Patient and/or family members have the right to be informed of the extent or changes to which the payment may be expected from the insurance company or third party and any costs for which the patient and/or family may be responsible.
  • Have access or referrals to self-help and advocacy groups for support as appropriate.
  • Receive information on how to make a complaint to the healthcare facility if unsatisfied about the lack of access to his/her rights, low quality of services, inappropriate behavior of the staff or poor safety practices without being subject to discrimination or reprisal.

Patient’s Responsibilities

Patients/family members are responsible to:

  • Provide Infinity Home Care with complete and accurate patient’s information and required documents including any allergies, past and current medical condition, insurance card, Emirates ID, medical report and other needed records.
  • Abide and follow with the rules and regulation of Infinity Home Care. Patient and family members are expected to cooperate with the physician and clinical personnel, follow the agreed plan of care, comply with health instructions and observed policies for Infection Control, Medication Management and others as applicable during the provision of services.
  • Participate in the plan of care. The patient or family members are responsible to ask or clarify if there is any unclear information or inform Infinity Home Care if unable to understand any instruction or during communication.
  • Be available for provision of services at the agreed time if the patient is for Home Visit, Therapy Session or other non-24 hour service and notify Infinity Home Care for any changes or cancellation due to any reason.
  • Provide Infinity Home Care personnel with a safe and conducive home environment during the provision of services to the patient
  • Respect the rights and dignity of Infinity Home Care personnel without discrimination and consider the needs of others all the time. Patient and family members are expected not to use abusive and inhumane language or show unsocial behavior to the personnel or visitors.
  • Accept the result or consequences of not complying with the instructions and recommendation of the physician or the personnel and refusal to follow the plan of care.
  • Provide a custodian or available family member who will continue the care for patients who are for Home Visit only or for non-24 hour service.
  • Secure belongings while receiving services.
  • Inform Infinity Home Care for any special needs of the patient for prompt and smooth provision of services.
  • Be accountable for the payment of any service or fees not covered by the insurance company or third party.
  • *Modified and adopted from HAAD Patient’s Charter