Frequently asked Questions

Is your company licensed and employs HAAD-licensed staff?
Infinity Home Care complies with all regulatory requirements to operate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to provide health care services as a Home Care company and employs clinical staff duly licensed by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.
How can I contact your company or where can I find your office?
Infinity Home Care is located in Mezzanine Floor, Ajman Bank, Khalidiya Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates PO 110615. It is beside Patchi and opposite Coop Supermarket.

You may also contact us thru:

-Toll Free number: 800 447 or
-Online Message Form (click here for the link)

What age group do you accommodate for your home care services?
Infinity Home Care accommodates all age group from Newborn or Neonate, Pediatric, Adult to Geriatric patients. We have clinical staff that were trained in various medical cases and can handle patients with different ages.
What services do you offer?
Infinity Home Care offers various home healthcare services which include Nursing Services, Physiotherapy Services and Home General Physician services. For details of our services please click the appropriate link below:

Nursing Services
Physiotherapy Services
General Physician Services

How can be admitted to your services
a.) We accept referrals from patient’s family and hospitals through our contact details:

-Toll Free number: 800 447 or
-Online Message Form (click here for the link)

b.) Prepare medical report and face-to-face assessment with homecare referral from treating physician, hospital/other facility. The Medical Report should not be more than 2 months from the date it was printed.

c.) The patient should meet the company’s Admission Criteria set out below:

• Patient is “homebound” - The referring physician has certified the patient to be medically confined to their home.
• Requires skilled nursing or therapy and supportive services to maintain or improve the current condition or to prevent or reduce further deterioration.
• The condition is stable enough to be managed at home and the physical facilities in the patient’s residence shall be adequate or adaptable for the safe and effective provision of care and/or services. If not, the patient/ family will be instructed regarding any corrective measures that are required.
• The patient resides within the geographical area served by Infinity Home Care.

d.) After we receive the referral, our medical team will communicate with the patient/patient’s family for assessment and home safety evaluation then necessary requirements set out by Thiqa Daman will be completed, if insured for pre-authorization. We also cater to self-pay patients with the same scope of services.

e.) Once approved, the provision of services will begin.

For easy guide about our admission process, please click here for the link.

How long does it take before Daman approves your services?
For insured patients, the services are paid by the Insurance company however; consumables or equipment that are not covered by the hospital or the insurance company should be provided by the patient or the family.

For self-pay patients, please call our office (800 447) to request for a quotation of services needed and terms of payment. Our office staff will assist you with the process.

How can I complain if unsatisfied with the services?
There are multiple modes of communication to inform us if you are not satisfied with the services we provide. Our team will accommodate your concerns and address it promptly. You may do the following:

a.) Call our Office Toll Free Number (800 447) and connect to our Patient Relation Officer.
b.) Send us a message thru our Online Message Form (please click here for the link).
c.) Fill in the Complaint Form then seal it and send it to the office.