This Code of Ethics is intended to inform the public that IHC endeavor to operate our business and provide care to our patients with honesty, integrity, and in a manner that comports with the highest ethical standards. Because this Code is intended to provide a broad statement of the high standards to which IHC and its personnel strive, under no circumstances shall this Code be interpreted or construed as establishing a minimum standard, or any evidence of a minimum standard, of the safety, due care, or any other obligation which may be owed by IHC or either of their employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers.

Relationship with the Public
Infinity Home Care is truthful in all forms of communication and avoids disseminating information that is false, misleading or deceptive. We ensure that all oral and written statements fairly represent service, benefits and cost is included in our scope of service. This includes descriptive information about home care in general, as well as home care specific information.
Our marketing activities are compliant with UAE healthcare regulations.
Human Resources

Infinity Home Care is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Service delivery
We show respect for persons served and conform with HAAD Policy as follows:
All personnel must respect the integrity and individuality of every person served he/she may treat or with whom he comes into contact.
All personnel must have due regard for, but not unfairly discriminate on account of, the sex, race, religion, customs, physical and mental ability, economic status and values of every person served he treats or with whom he comes into contact.
All personnel must maintain the highest ethical standards and must behave at all times with courtesy, respect, dignity and discretion in all relationships with the persons served.

All personnel must treat as confidential all information related to the persons served that is received in a professional capacity, and must not disclose or use that information other than for the purposes of treatment, except to the extent that is permitted by regulations.
Conflict of interest

Leadership and staff should be cognizant of the fact that any outside activity, interest, or interaction with industry has the potential to create conflicts, whether real or perceived. Recognition of potential conflicts, and sensitivity to how personal, financial and other relationships can be perceived by others, are by themselves important parts of managing conflicts.
Scope of Practice
Each clinician must not engage in the treatment of any patient beyond the level of 
his personal capacity, training, experience, competence and scope of practice.

Prohibition of Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Other Wrongdoing

Infinity Home Care is dedicated to prevention and detection of fraud, waste and abuse and other wrong doing.

These principles are expressed in broad statements to guide ethical practice; they provide a framework and are not intended to dictate conduct for particular situations. Questions or advice about the application of these may be addressed by contacting us.